Slice The Air With Knives: Jessica Hagedorn

March 11, 2008

I was invited to read excerpts of Dogeaters at UCSD and was interviewed afterwards. 


March 11, 2008

Many people asked me whether Dogeaters was promoting the Philippines to adapt American culture or was discouraging the Philippines from progress.  My answer is neither.  My novel clearly showed that the Philippines had many problems and it needed change.  However, i don’t believe that the American way is the only way towards advancement.  I used Daisy Avila to show the flaws of the American culture.  Even though Daisy Avila won the beauty pageant, she wasn’t thrilled of her victory, but rather depressed.  She realized the emptiness of glamour and saw that the beauty pageant was a giant step backward for all women.  Daisy’s example also showed the power of American influence.  Although her father despised the beauty contest, Daisy couldn’t resist its glamour.

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March 10, 2008

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